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5 Stars based on 726 Google Reviews
Bernhard R. Avatar
Bernhard R.
4 days ago - Google
Very professional, great insights and motivating to improve body composition. Rob is a clever young man, very engaging.
Jacinth T. Avatar
Jacinth T.
5 days ago - Google
Great place, easy to find and access. Came for my progress scan and Rob was fabulous. Very helpful, gentle, professional. Encouraging and gave me some really good advice on how to make even further progress in the coming year. Recommend.
Miss P. Avatar
Miss P.
5 days ago - Google
If you want an accurate analysis of your fat / muscle/ bone density then this is the scan for you. Rob was brilliant and very thorough at explaining my results. I’ve booked another scan in a few months to monitor my progress
Kirti S. Avatar
Kirti S.
6 days ago - Google
This experience was great, Rob was really through, took his time walking us through the results and we felt really informed and in control of our physical metrics...way better than just looking at BMI!
Evelin S. Avatar
Evelin S.
1 week ago - Google
The scan and the following consultation was really informative and enjoyable. I have gained a better understanding of my body and have left with renewed motivation to apply the plan suggested by Philip. I can't wait for the follow up scan!
Ro O. Avatar
Ro O.
1 week ago - Google
Had a bad personal year since my last visit and had lost my way achieving my initial goals… but wow what an Excellent discussion and review of my results, to get myself back on track. As previously mentioned there’s no where to hide… you see yourself exactly as you really are…. However the sensible tact and honesty that the scan results are given to you in an amiable friendly way, is very motivating and I can not wait to return to see how I’ve progressed towards the achievable realistic goals I agreed with Philip Well done thanks again for the inspiration to get myself back on track…
Leroy L. Avatar
Leroy L.
1 week ago - Google
I had my first DEXA with Rob, he was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Highly recommend.
Calum S. Avatar
Calum S.
1 week ago - Google
Never had a DEXA scan before and was very much looking forward to gaining some insight. It didn’t disappoint and I had a great experience with Phill who was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I have booked a follow up scan to track my progress!
Sukhvir J. Avatar
Sukhvir J.
1 week ago - Google
Phil and the team are so hospitable, the surgery is very clean and also the members of the bodyscan team are professional They explain every result and give you a tailored plan to ensure you reach your goal Definitely recommend, thank you all
Danielius M. Avatar
Danielius M.
1 week ago - Google
Rob is very professional and was very clear explaining all of the parameters. The scan itself was very quick, done in just a few minutes. Amazing service overall, thumbs up 5 stars let's goooo.

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