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Valmina P. Avatar
Valmina P.
6 days ago - Google

Very good service, great nutritionist, provided all info and was very helpful.

Claire C. Avatar
Claire C.
6 days ago - Google

A very good experience. The process was explained very well by my consultant Rob. I now have a lot of information to help me develop my health and fitness goals and take it to the next level.

Beate M. Avatar
Beate M.
6 days ago - Google

I went here for a first initial scan which was very insightful. I hadn’t done a dexa scan before and really liked the in-depth information given. Rob took a good amount of time to ask about goals, go through the results and give advice on how to proceed forwards. He was very knowledgeable and also helped to set achievable long term goals rather than quick fixes. I liked that they had statistics of people who got the scan at their service rather than the ones coming from Dexa directly as gave a better insight in comparison to mostly healthy adults in the UK rather than a crossection of US adults from all walks of life

Dan K. Avatar
Dan K.
1 week ago - Google

A really useful and informative session getting to understand my body composition and what I can do to reach my stated targets - I would definitely recommend !!!!

Anna M. Avatar
Anna M.
1 week ago - Google

Perfect visit. The service was very professional, I didn't feel uncomfortable at any point. Trainer described the results to me and spent time answering all of my questions.

Matthew W. Avatar
Matthew W.
1 week ago - Google

Rob did an excellent job at translating the data into meaningful steps I can take in moving forward to achieve results. Highly recommend.

Rick H. Avatar
Rick H.
2 weeks ago - Google

Little gem in the city.

2 weeks ago - Google

Very good communication and customer care so far. Paid for 4scans and consultation and the consultation was very thorough by Philip.

Ocean K. Avatar
Ocean K.
3 weeks ago - Google

I had my first ever DEXA scan, recommended by my husband as I was interested in how my bone health is looking. As a young woman, I want to make sure I'm looking after my bones now before it's too late once I reach menopause.Kevin was super professional and took the time to identify my goals and explain the process.He spent a good amount of time after the session explaining what the results meant and helped me feel really clear on some simple steps I could take to move the results in line with my goals.If you're concerned about your bone health, or simply want to understand how to reach certain strength or weight loss related goals, I'd recommend a scan with BodyScan City.

Deckhead I. Avatar
Deckhead I.
3 weeks ago - Google

Friendly and professional service from Phillip. Bodyscan provide all the numbers you would ever want. But crucially, they're expertly broken down and explained, so you understand what metrics truly matter and how to implement them in your fitness goals going forward. A really positive experience and one that I would recommend to anyone.

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