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DEXA body composition scans.
Accurate.  Precise.  Consistent.

Only Bodyscan provides a detailed post-scan consultation that translates your results into a meaningful, realistic plan. Increased awareness of your body in plain English.


The post-scan consultation will tell you how much fat you have now, how much you need to lose, the calories you should eat every day and how long it will take to get there.


Visceral fat is ‘bad’ fat around your organs and increases your risk of diabetes and other diseases. We’ll assess your risk and how much you need to shift with diet and exercise.​


If you’re inactive or naturally skinny, chances are you have low muscle mass. We’ll measure how much lean mass you have now and what you need to do to get big. Or bigger.

Over 7 years, Bodyscan has built the UK’s biggest DEXA body composition dataset. By comparing your results with more than 12,000 others you can clearly understand what your numbers mean. We turn your raw data into useful information.

Baseline DEXA with post-scan Consultation

  • Fast, 4-minute DEXA body scan
  • In-depth, personalised face-to-face consultation
  • Fat and lean mass measured precise to a gram
  • Visceral fat and risk level
  • Fat and muscle distribution
  • Indication of bone density
  • Resting metabolic rate (RMR)
  • Your daily calorie requirement
  • Recommended daily deficit (or surplus for lean gain)
  • Realistic fat-loss targets and timeline
  • ​Nutrition and workout advice
  • 60-minute appointment
  • Find out more about the body scan experience

It’s our post-scan consultation and expertise that turns your data into a better-body strategy. Look what our customers are saying:

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Most people come to Bodyscan to discover their body fat percentage. But BF% is NOT the best number for measuring your fat. Say hello to your Fat Mass Index.

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One of DEXA’s greatest strengths is its consistency. If we record a change in body fat, we know it is a real change. That is not the case with skinfold calipers or bio-impedance devices, which are hugely affected by human error and body water.

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In July 2021 Bodyscan was awarded a ‘Good’ rating from the CQC, demonstrating high standards of performance, safety and customer care. Rest assured you are in great hands.

Bodyscan CQC Good rating

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