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Where are my prepaid credits?

You can check your prepaid credits by signing in here and clicking ‘Your prepaid credits’.

If your credits are not there, please read the following first:

You can buy prepaid credits in three ways:

1. If you have bought a prepaid package by direct debit (VF4 or V5 only), it will take up to 24 hours for your account to be assigned the credits. The team will be notified that your DD has been set up and then will manually place the credits in your account (this usually happens in the early afternoon or around close of business).

2. If you bought credits at your appointment, they should be allocated by the end of the same day.

If you bought credits by either of the two methods above and your credits are not in your account more than 24 hours later please email [email protected] and we’ll sort it quickly.

3. If you bought a package upfront online, the credits will automatically be placed in your account.