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Philip Chant

Director & Founder

Philip discovered DEXA as a customer when he lived in Sydney and realised his pale, British, skinny-fat body did not look good on Bondi Beach, even at night. DEXA scans provided the motivation to lose his pot belly and the hard data to ditch his expensive but ineffective personal trainer.

Inspired by the technology he returned to the UK to set up Bodyscan at the start of 2014, began operations in Marylebone a year later and established Bodyscan City near the Bank of England in November 2016. Phil performed every scan and consultation for 18 months and still prefers meeting clients to filling in spreadsheets.

Kevin Garde


If you need help with your nutrition (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then Kevin is your man – whether your goals are fat loss, body composition or performance.

With a BSc (Hons) in Biological and Chemical Sciences from University College Cork and a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University, Kevin has helped many fat loss and body composition clients, both as a health and performance nutritionist and as an online fitness consultant.

To consolidate his many work practices, Kevin founded his own nutrition consultancy, PRISM Nutrition, in 2016.  He is passionate about helping people feel more body confident and achieve their goals through education, ensuring that nutritional recommendations are both enjoyable and sustainable for our everyday lives.

Rob Webster


Rob brings huge experience in nutrition and the mechanics of body transformation and recomposition. When you meet him you will see he is a practitioner who clearly walks the talk.

Whilst skilled across the full nutritional spectrum, Rob specialises in plant-based nutrition.  He focuses on the growing demand for food plans from those looking to build muscle and reduce fat without animal products.

Whatever your current diet and physical goals, Rob can help you achieve them with a realistic and sustainable plan, and the motivation to keep you going.

Jamie O’Conor

Customer Service & Operations

Jamie is Bodyscan’s man behind the scenes who keeps things moving. When you contact us via our ‘info’ email address you will be in Jamie’s capable hands. (PLEASE NOTE: Jamie handles emails in the early afternoon and again before close of business.)

New to the team since May 2021, he comes with a strong track record in online customer service and support, plus a genuine commitment to providing an excellent customer experience.

Always friendly and helpful, Jamie is ready to answer all your Bodyscan questions, so please don’t hesitate to drop him a line for any help or information you need to get the most from our services.

When off-duty, Jamie is into extreme sports, particularly skydiving. So, in common with all our clients, physical fitness is something he takes very seriously.

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