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​Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Body aims to tell us how to achieve maximum results with the least amount of effort required. Essentially, he attempts to give us the ‘minimum […]

For optimal muscle building (hypertrophy), most sets will fall somewhere between five and 20 reps per set as long as each set is performed close to failure. Failure is defined […]

DEXA see my abs

One of the questions we get asked very often (by men) following a DEXA scan is: “what percentage body fat do I have to be before I see my abs?” […]

Netflix Game Changers DEXA

This blog contains two responses to the Netflix film Game Changers from Bodyscan consultants Kevin Garde and Rob Webster. Kevin is a Nutritionist and Founder of PRISM Nutrition. Rob is a […]

Calorie calculator

Many people come to Bodyscan to discover their resting metabolic rate (RMR) and, from there, their maintenance calories and a daily calorie target to lose fat (or gain muscle). Of […]

Tracking fat loss with DEXA

Measuring fat loss and muscle gain with DEXA will increase your chance of success When something moves or changes very slowly, it can be difficult to be sure if anything […]

The amount of energy you burn each day, in calories, is known as your TDEE – your total daily energy expenditure. It’s the sum of how many calories you burn at rest […]

Every fitness magazine, every Sunday newspaper supplement is bombarding us with ‘get fit quick’ programmes or promising us ‘beach bodies’ that take little effort. Most of these articles hinge around […]

man pinching stomach fat

We see many clients at Bodyscan who lose a lot of fat but who also lose a great deal of muscle too. Sometimes so much that their body fat percentage […]