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If you’re on this page you’re probably wondering how to prepare for a DEXA body scan. What to wear, whether you can eat or drink, are there any prohibited activities, […]

DEXA with hip replacement

If you’re coming to Bodyscan for a DEXA body scan, you may be concerned if you have an implant, such as a Pacemaker or Cochlear, prosthesis, breast implant or just […]

body composition results

Just before Christmas 2016 a Bodyscan client presented with a very dramatic change in body re-composition. Though the actual scans were 17 months apart, the client reported that the changes […]

bodyscan logo in office

Your Bodyscan DEXA scan report contains a vast array of data. On the front page of the report (bottom right) is a small table titled Lean Indices with two indices […]

muscles on human

How quickly can I regain muscle (and how quickly will I lose muscle)? During the pandemic in 2020/21, the gyms were closed and so most of us stopped weight-training completely. […]

“Pack on the muscle and torch that fat!!” “Turn yourself into a fat-burning inferno!!” ​So scream the headlines and advertisements from just about every muscle and fitness mag you lay eyes […]

Why you won’t achieve ‘the 4-Hour Body’ ​Tim Ferris’s bestselling book ‘The 4-Hour Body’ includes a chapter called ‘From Geek to Freak’, in which he claims to have gained 34lbs […]

In a paper published in 2018, titled ‘Is there an optimal diet for weight management and metabolic health?’, the authors rather refreshingly concluded that ‘Human beings prefer things to be […]