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What’s the difference between the Baseline and Progress scans?

The 4-minute scan you get is exactly the same for both the Baseline and Progress appointments. You receive a paper and PDF copy of your report for every scan you have. The differences are:

1. Immediately after the Baseline scan, there is a detailed post-scan consultation that explains everything in the report. We also suggest fat-loss and muscle-gain targets and advise on a total calorie target and timeline to reach your goal. The Baseline scan is a 60-minute appointment (80 minutes for two people).

2. The Progress scan report has an extra page showing the changes in fat and lean mass since the previous scan (and up to four more scans before that). Because the changes are shown on the report there is no post-scan consultation and the Progress appointment is just 20 minutes.

Other than the Progress page showing fat and lean changes, the report for every scan is the same and shows results for all the data points every time.