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What if I’m running late? Punctuality

At Bodyscan we do our very best to ensure we run to time. Please note that we run appointments back-to-back, so a late start with one appointment can have a knock-on effect.

For this reason, please ensure you arrive TEN MINUTES before your appointment start time. The time of your appointment is the time you should be ready to walk into the scanning room, after checking in, signing a consent form, emptying your bladder and removing excess jewellery.

If you are late to the point that we cannot start the following appointment on time (5 minutes late for as Progress scan or 10 minutes late for a Baseline scan) we may require that you wait until a suitable gap in the schedule becomes available. That may mean, on a busy day, that we cannot scan you for hours later or even at all.

We will appreciate a phone message to tell us if you are running late but it does not mean that we will be able to see you as scheduled. We will always give priority to customers who arrive on time. Thank you for your understanding.