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What does the DEXA scan tell me about visceral fat?

The visceral fat result on your DEXA scan is a measurement of internal fat in a specific area of the abdomen. This result is closely correlated with measurements by CT scan.

You will not ‘see’ visceral fat on the DEXA image and therefore we cannot tell you how much is around particular organs, but that is not really important – visceral fat should be reduced wherever it lies. If you want to see visceral fat then you will need a CT scan, which is many times more expensive and hundreds of times the dose of radiation. A DEXA scan is the next best thing.

This video explains more about visceral fat, how we measure it and how to reduce it.

Visceral fat is termed ‘bad’ fat because it surrounds the internal organs (such as your heart, lungs and liver) and is associated with obesity-related diseases such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer and stroke. Even dementia.