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What are the full terms and conditions for packages?

1. Packaged or prepaid scans are not transferable to other people without paying a transfer fee; the person in whose name all scans are booked must be the same person who has each scan. If scans are transferred at Bodyscan’s discretion, the person receiving the scans must have had a Baseline scan previously. If that is the case, each transferred Progress scan will incur a transfer fee of £30 and the original expiry date of the transferred scans will still apply. If the person receiving the scans has never had a Bodyscan Baseline scan, then the transferred scans will convert at a rate of:

a) two Progress scans for one Baseline scan, or

b) one Progress scan plus £50 for one Baseline scan.

2. All scans, whether purchased individually or in packages, cannot be taken more frequently than once every eight weeks (56 days).

3. All packages have a validity period of 12 months from date of purchase (not from the date of your first booked scan).

4. The expiry date of each package is the last available date you can have a scan (it is not the last available date you can make a booking).

5. It is your responsibility to know when your package expires and how many scan credits you have left. You can manage all aspects of your Bodyscan account by signing in to your account from the home page. Bodyscan is implementing a reminder system to send reminders six months, three months and one month before credit expiry, but it is still your responsibility to ensure credits are used while valid.

6. PACKAGE EXTENSIONS: For an extension fee, packages can be extended in blocks of ten weeks (70 days) per credit beyond the expiry date. Extension requests should be made by email to [email protected]

6A. If your package expired more than ten weeks before your request, it cannot be extended and all your unused credits will be forfeited.

6B. If you have more than one unused credit, they can be extended for a charge of £30 per credit and under the 70-day rule. For example, reinstating two unused credits would cost £60 and the package extended for 140 days beyond the expiry date.

7. Promotional codes cannot be applied to packages as they are already discounted.

8. CANCELLATIONS: A package can be cancelled ONLY during the life of the package BEFORE it has expired. Expired packages cannot be cancelled, they can only be extended (as per Point 6 above) or forfeited. Refunds will be based on the full list price of completed scans. For example, if you buy the VF4 package for a single payment of £389 and wish to cancel after completing the first two scans, the refund will be calculated as £389 minus £169 for the first scan and £139 for the second scan – a refund of £81. If the third scan had been completed in this example, no refund would be given as the full list price of the first three scans is more than the entire package price. Packages paid for by direct debit on our Easy Payment Plan will incur an additional transaction fee of £2 for each monthly payment made. Any questions, drop an email to [email protected]