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Progress scans after a 2-person Baseline scan

If you and a friend/relative have a Baseline scan for two people, that is a single appointment for both of you, which one of you will book.

If, at the end of the appointment, you buy prepaid credits for future Progress (follow-up) scans, you need to know that Progress scans are for one person only, so you each need to book your own appointments using your own, separate accounts.

Because Progress scans are for one person only, you do not have to attend at the same time or even on the same day. Even if you do want to visit Bodyscan together, you will each need to book adjacent – but separate – appointments. (Adjacent Progress scans will start 20 minutes apart, eg 10.20am and 10.40am.)

For example, if at the 2-person appointment you buy one Progress scan for each of you, one credit will be placed in each of your own Bodyscan accounts – one credit in your account and one credit in your scan partner’s.

The person who booked the original 2-person scan will have set up an account when making the booking. The second person will not have. We will create that account to receive the prepaid credit and assign it a password of the second person’s name in lower case, eg: michaelchapman.

It is important that, apart from the 2-person Baseline, you DO NOT make a booking for someone else using your own account. Apart from the 2-person Baseline, each scan must be booked by the person who is to have the scan.