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I want to calculate my RMR and maintenance calories

In the Baseline post-scan consultation, we will go through your report and then calculate your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and your maintenance calories – this is the number of calories you can eat so your weight stays the same.

We will then suggest a fat-loss target (if appropriate) and calculate how many calories you should eat (a calorie deficit based on your maintenance calories) and for what period in order to achieve that goal, and email you the results.

You can use our RMR and body composition calculator yourself, whether you have had a DEXA scan or not. The result from using your DEXA scan data is more reliable because it uses your lean body mass as its main input, and lean mass is the biggest burner of calories. If you have low lean mass (low muscle) then the non-DEXA result for your RMR and maintenance calories is likely to be a few hundred calories too high.

This video will tell you a lot more about calculating your calories with DEXA scan data: