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How do I make a DEXA scan booking for the same day?

All our bookings are taken online for time slots more than 24 hours away. Payment is taken at the time of booking.

We cannot guarantee requests for bookings in a shorter timeframe but if you would like a booking for today or within 24 hours, please make sure you are an existing customer (ie, you have been to us before) or that you register your details here or via ‘My Account > Sign up’ on the website.

Then please call 020 3490 4171 (business hours Monday to Friday only) and ask for availability and we MAY be able to take the booking but we can’t guarantee it, we can only guarantee bookings made online. You can also send an email with your same-day request to [email protected] but please note emails are not monitored at all times. We may only see your email later in the day.

Same-day booking requests are best made by phone during business hours and if you are not already registered we will not be able to help you.

If your desired time is more than 24 hours away then please book online in the normal way via ‘Pricing/Book > Book a Scan’ or click here and choose ‘New Booking’.