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How do I book using a prepaid credit?

To book using one of your pre-paid package credits, you need to sign in here or via ‘My Account > Sign in’ and select ‘New booking’. The price of the scan will be shown but a credit will be used in lieu of payment.

If you are asked to pay, it means that your credit is not valid for the date you are trying to book. You can check your prepaid expiry date by clicking ‘Your prepaid credits’ after you have signed in.

2-PERSON BASELINES – PLEASE NOTE: If you first attended a 2-person Baseline scan with another person and then bought prepaid credits for future Progress (follow-up) scans, those credits will be placed in your own, individual accounts. Progress scans are for one person only and need to be booked separately by each of you. If you wish to attend your Progress scans together, you will need to pick adjacent time slots on the same day. Adjacent slots for Progress scans are 20 minutes apart, eg: 11.40am and 12.00pm.

Apart from the 2-person Baseline, please never book a scan for another person. The person booking the scan must be the same person who is due to have the scan. Thank you.