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Do I have to have the Baseline scan first? I only want the Progress scan.

We recommend everyone’s first scan is the Baseline scan because the face-to-face consultation will bring your report alive for you. You may have had a DEXA body scan before but, believe us, you will not have received anything like the depth and breadth of explanation or what it means for you personally.

Look what these two Baseline customers said:

“Amazing appointment, I have come away with a wealth of information, some great advice and most importantly a plan.”

“My husband and I expected a completely different experience. We thought we would go in and do the scan and be out in 15 minutes with one number. What we got is so much more.”

However, if you don’t want any explanation or personalisation you can purchase the Progress scan. Just go to Pricing/Book > Book a Scan and choose the Progress scan or click here.