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Can I transfer/split the scans in a package between me and a friend?

You cannot buy scans and then split them with other people as the credits assigned for scans go into your account, from where they are used in lieu of further payment. Splitting a package between people amounts to a heavier discount for a smaller package!

If you are looking to transfer your scans because they are about to expire and you have forgotten to use them, an alternative is to extend your credits for £30 per ten weeks, giving you time to use them.

If transferring to someone else if the only option other than forfeiting them, we will only transfer unused Progress scans to someone who has already had a Bodyscan Baseline scan, and that will incur a transfer fee of £30 per credit and the expiry date will remain the same.

If you wish to transfer unused scans to someone who has never been a Bodyscan customer, we will insist they receive a Baseline scan at the following rates of coversion:

Two of your unused Progress credits will convert to one new Baseline scan for your friend (with the orginal unused credits’ expiry date)

One unused Progress credit plus a payment of £50 converts to one new Baseline scan (with the original unused credit’s expiry date)

To transfer or extend credits, please drop an email to [email protected] with your request. Thank you.