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Can I extend my pre-paid package?

Yes, if there are unused scans in your package you can extend your package for a cost of £30 per ten weeks beyond the date of expiry. To do this please send us an email.

Please note the following message we send when you purchase a prepaid package of scans.

“We want you to get maximum value from your package and be a very happy customer, which means getting everything you paid for and using all your credits as intended.

So forgive us this once if we sound a little direct but it’s easier and more helpful to say it upfront now rather than down the track when you have unused, paid-for credits on the brink of being snatched away: Ultimately, it is for you to build your lifestyle and schedule around our package, not the other way round!

We say this because unexpired credits have historically been the biggest cause of customer dissatisfaction, and the reasons for not using them have included indulgent holidays, new kitchens, shoddy builders, bad relationships, working remotely, increased travel, and getting bored with a diet or exercise programme!

So please understand that unused credits will incur our extension fee of £30 per ten weeks beyond the expiry date. We’ll try to send reminders six months, three months and one month before expiry, but it’s not guaranteed. Book the first appointment now!

You can always check your remaining credits and their expiry date by signing in to your account from the website (‘My Account’ > ‘Sign In)’ or here and selecting ‘Your prepaid credits’.”