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Can I bring someone/children with me?

If you would like to bring a friend, relative or child with you, they can be with you during the introduction and the consultation but not during the scan itself, which is about four minutes.

(If you are bringing an adult friend with you, who is interested in body composition, please remember we provide Baseline scans for two people, so you might want to consider that!)


You can bring a child (infant, toddler or older) with you to the appointment but please remember that the post-scan consultation during the first (Baseline) scan requires your and our consultant’s attention and focus for 45-50 minutes, so we respectfully ask for your child’s good behaviour please 🙂 We will not be able to give the consultation with the distraction of a crying baby/toddler.

Young children can stay in the room during the 4-minute scan by standing with the consultant behind the safety screen. Older children and others must wait outside in the waiting area while the scan takes place.


A chaperone, nurse or carer can be with you during the scan if required. They will have to sign a form to remain in the room during the scan. It would be helpful if you could drop us an email ([email protected]) and let us know in advance.

Our operators are male, so if you require a female chaperone to be provided please let us know and we will arrange for a female member of staff from our host clinics to join you. Again, please let us know in advance because it can be difficult to find a chaperone at very short notice. Thank you.