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Reasons Why Your Fitness Plan May Not Be Working for You

With so many fitness plans and diet regimens resurfacing through the internet, it can be difficult to choose which one to follow. Continue reading through this article to know why your fitness agenda may not be working for you.

Waist Trainers

You often hear about the supposed results of waist trainers from celebrities. However, the benefits they offer are only temporary and might actually be dangerous when continuously worn. Waist trainers can cause permanent damage such as atrophy since they are essentially limiting  blood flow and oxygen to your internal organs.

Weight Loss Pills

If you ask, ‘what is the fastest way to lose weight?’ Diet pills are probably the first answer you will get. Although many brands succeed in making their pills appear and sound enticing, you need to give this option a second thought before purchasing. Many of the most common ingredients in diets pills are found to have caused adverse side-effects such as mood swings, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, increased heart rate and liver damage.
Enormous Carb CuttingMany diets suggest the removal of processed carbs to establish a healthier diet. The  problem with this fitness fad is that some people take extreme carb reduction to an extreme level,and even remove fruits and vegetables from their meals. This can result in a very low fibre intake and the development of vitamin and mineral deficiency. It’s important that moderation must always be taken into consideration for you to get optimum results.

Juice Cleanses/Detox Diets

If you are planning a detox diet, it must only be for a short period of time. Liquid-only diets have an intensely restrictive nature, which may lead to binge eating after the cleanse has been completed. Too much ‘flushing out of toxins’ can also lead to a weakened immune system and potential muscle loss.

‘Clean’ Eating

Switching to a diet containing more whole foods and less processed junk food is a great step towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. This doesn’t mean though that you no longer have to care for volume. Remember to always consider the amount of food you are consuming, as there’s always the risk overeating and gaining weight. Strive for balance even when you’re switching to organic and gluten-free foods.

Social Media Fitness Challenges

It’s very common nowadays to see various fitness challenge trends on social media, appearing to be a great motivation for you to work out harder and eat healthier. Body compositions differ from person to person. This is the reason why a certain fitness practice may not work for all. Apart from this, the results you see in the images shown on the internet do not always agree with any internal indicators of an appropriate fitness plan.


For many cultures and religions, fasting is a tradition and it should stay that way. It can be dangerous to do for the sake of weight loss. Why? When you don’t consume enough calories, your body adjusts your metabolism. The problem is that this doesn’t bounce back when you begin eating normally again. The worst part is that when you fast, your body loses not just fat but muscle and fluid too. Not to mention that when you start gaining weight again, this will likely be more fat than anything else.

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