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How effective is a calorie calculator at helping you lose weight?

We all know how important it is to stay on top of how many calories you’re eating, especially when
you’re trying to lose weight. The best way to keep track of your calorie intake is with a calorie
calculator – but just how effective is a calorie calculator at helping you lose weight?

Regulating your diet with a calorie calculator
The most obvious way in which a calorie calculator can assist with weight loss is by helping to
regulate your diet. If you want to reduce body fat, you should be eating fewer calories so that your
body is burning the fat for fuel. Once you know how many calories you should be consuming, you
can change your diet accordingly to ensure your caloric intake is in line with your personal weight
loss goals.

Workout goals are easier to set
Once you know how much energy you’re taking in with your caloric intake, it is easier to tailor your
workout routine to maximise fat loss efficiency. As we all know, the formula for weight loss is to
burn more energy than you consume, so when you know how much you are, and need to be,
consuming, you know exactly how many calories to burn.

Using a calorie calculator in tandem with a DEXA body scan
Our DEXA body composition scan will tell you exactly how much fat you have, as well as letting
you know how much you need to lose. As well as this, it tells you how much food you should be
eating in order to reach your target weight, and the best way to keep track of the amount of food
you are eating is with a calorie calculator. Essentially, the use of the two in tandem gives you all the
information you will need in order to efficiently lose excess body fat.

Now that you know how much use a calorie calculator can have alongside a DEXA body scan,
don’t hesitate to book your scan today and get your fat loss journey started!

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