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Thank you – Buddy Baseline

We look forward to seeing you both soon!

IMPORTANT: Please check your junk folder for your confirmation email and make sure (a) both of your names are listed, and (b) that you have provided SEPARATE AND DIFFERENT email addresses and mobile phone numbers for each of you.

If you have provided the same email or phone details for both of you, please sign in and update YOUR OWN details under ‘Your profile’ or YOUR PARTNER’S details within the booking (under ‘Your bookings’). Thank you.

Male DEXA scan image
Female DEXA scan image

Also please make sure the date, time and location are all correct. If you need to make changes or cancel, sign in here and select ‘Your bookings’. You can make changes up to 24 hours before your appointment.

Please check our FAQs first!

Our FAQs give info on Prices, Making a Booking, Having the Scan and Prepaid Packages.