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Get 10% off your first Baseline scan and then free Progress scans for your own referrals!

How the Bodyscan Referral Programme works

  1. The Bodyscan Referral Programme rewards anyone who introduces Bodyscan to their family and friends with free Progress scans (or Baseline scans and packages), used to measure changes in body composition.
  2. When you join the Bodyscan Referrals Programme you will receive a unique referral link. You can always find or generate your link at
  3. If somebody clicks on your link to join the referral programme and then books and completes a Baseline scan, you will receive one referral credit.
  4. If you join the programme by clicking on someone else’s link, you will immediately receive a discount code worth 10% off a Baseline scan with Consultation.
  5. Your referral credits accrue and can be redeemed against Progress scans, priced as follows:
    • 1 Progress scan = 2 referral credits
    • 2 Progress scans = 4 referral credits
    • 3 Progress scans = 5 referral credits
    • 4 Progress scans = 6 referral credits
  6. You may also redeem your referral credits for Baseline scans or Baseline prepaid packages and pass them to someone else.
  7. Referral credits cannot be redeemed for cash, though they may be redeemed for a scan(s) and then passed to another person at Bodyscan’s discretion.
  8. You earn credits only in return for each booked and completed referred Baseline scan. For another person’s Baseline scan to earn you credits, it must be made using the same email address that was used to join the Referral Programme via your referral link. Your referrals must join the Referral Programme via your link before they make a Baseline booking. If the referred person is not already in the Referral Programme when the booking is made, it will not qualify for reward credits.
  9. The people you refer (those who join the referral programme by cicking on your link) will receive 10% off their first Baseline booking. They may choose to book a single Baseline scan (with or without the 10% promotion) or they may purchase a pre-paid Baseline package (for which no discount is applicable). In each case, you will still receive your reward, provided the Baseline scan (bought singly or as part of a prepaid package) is booked and completed by a person who used the same email address to join the referral programme via your referral link AND to book a Baseline scan.
  10. To redeem your credits you must write to [email protected] with your redemption request. Your referral credits sit separately within the referral programme; they are outside and do not automatically accrue in your Bodyscan account from where you make your bookings. We will place the requested/required number of credits in your Bodyscan account for you to make your booking online.
  11. To receive your referral credits, each Baseline booking must be completed. If a Baseline booking is made and then cancelled, no reward will be applied. The reward is automatically triggered 36 hours after a qualifying Baseline booking is completed. No-shows will cancel the reward before it is triggered.
  12. The Referral Programme is intended to reward Bodyscan customers (who have had a Baseline scan) with Progress scans to check their progress over time. If you have not had a Baseline scan, Bodyscan will insist that you have one before redeeming credits for Progress scans. You may purchase a Baseline scan (or a prepaid Baseline package) using a payment card or by redeeming credits. A Baseline scan for one person costs four credits; for two people it is six credits.
  13. The Referral Programme is not a competition or contest. There is no reward for maximising the number of people (using real or fake emails) who sign up to the programme with your link. Rewards are only paid after a real person books, pays for and turns up for a Baseline scan.

Please check our FAQs first!

Our FAQs give info on Prices, Making a Booking, Having the Scan and Prepaid Packages.