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PRISM Nutrition Terms and Conditions


PRISM Nutrition’s 12-week Bespoke Nutritional Guidance Programme is delivered by PRISM Nutrition. Bodyscan acts as an introducer to the service and a percentage of the fee you pay to PRISM Nutrition is paid to Bodyscan as an introduction fee. Your agreement is with PRISM Nutrition.

These terms and conditions have been set out by Kevin Garde, trading as PRISM Nutrition Ltd. You will be provided with, and will need to agree to, this full set of terms and conditions, before making payment and commencing with the twelve-week bespoke nutritional service.

The fee payable to PRISM Nutrition for the services is as per the fees agreed and documented.

You may not withhold or set off payment of any amount to PRISM Nutrition.

Investing in the PRISM Nutrition twelve-week bespoke nutrition service will require a 40% payment of the total fee to be paid by the client, and received by PRISM Nutrition, prior to the initial consultation taking place.

The remaining 60% of the fee must be paid by the client, and received by PRISM Nutrition, prior to receiving his/her personalised package.
Clients can also opt to pay for the service in full during the booking process.

After completing the initial consultation, the remaining 60% of the fee becomes payable; however, you are under no obligation to continue with the service and you will be refunded any payments above and beyond the 40% total service fee you have made.

Once a date has been scheduled using the Acuity application, payment is processed via Pay Pal.

If you do not make any payment when required, then PRISM Nutrition may cancel or suspend any further deliverables or provision of services to you.

The remaining 60% of the total fee is payable within five business days after the initial consultation, unless a request to discontinue the service has been put forward. Alternatively, and under mutual consent, the client can pay the remaining 60% service fee using a different card account, once it is paid within the five business day period post initial consultation.

Refunds are made at the discretion of PRISM Nutrition and in accordance with any relevant laws. Services cancelled by you with less than 24-hours’ notice shall be chargeable at 100% of the agreed fees.

In the event that you chose to no longer continue with your sessions once you have received your personalised package, and your on-going start date has commenced, PRISM Nutrition are under no obligation to provide a refund, credit note or similar, in respect of the uncompleted services. In certain circumstances, and at the discretion of PRISM Nutrition, the service may be put on hold for up to three months.

Automatic debits after the twelve-week service for an on-going monthly support service may be incurred, with the fee agreed upon, at the discretion of the client. The automatic debits will continue unless the user terminates the on-going service subscription.

All intellectual property in any materials given to you shall, at all times, remain the property of PRISM Nutrition, and must neither be shared nor distributed to any third party.

Each party shall treat all confidential information belonging to the other party as confidential and safeguard it accordingly; and shall not disclose any confidential information belonging to the other party to any other person without the prior written consent of the other party, except to such persons and to such extent as may be necessary for the performance of the agreement.

PRISM Nutrition is not a medical practice or a service offering advice from a doctor or registered dietitian. The contents of any communication with your nutritionist should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem – nor is it intended to replace the advice of a doctor. Always consult your medical doctor or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health.

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