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You can put the Bodyscan booking widget (below) anywhere on your website. This is just a mock-up on our own site to give you an idea. When viewed on mobile, only the widget will appear.

The widget includes your unique code (‘YOURGYM’ in this example) to apply a discount at checkout and log the sale for your commission.


Body fat & lean mass measured to a single gram


Imagine your clients with results and reviews like this!

“When I joined Your Gym they urged me to get a DEXA body scan so I knew just what I was dealing with.

“The scan gave me the motivation I needed – an accurate, non-judgmental assessment of my body composition and the proof that Your Gym’s programme was working, which made me stick with them!”

Just five months after joining Your Gym, Ahmed, 35, had lost over 25kg of body fat and more than halved his visceral fat.

DEXA images showing fat loss



Terms and conditions of Bodyscan’s commission-earning booking widget and your unique promo code

1. Your unique promo code is valid on Baseline scans (for one or two people) only. It is not valid against Progress scans or pre-paid packages.

2. Bookings made with your unique promo code or via your widget will earn you a commission of 10% of the list price of each scan (respectively £169 and £268 for the 1-person and 2-person Baseline scans) for the first 30 eligible bookings. From the 31st booking made with your code, commission will rise to, and stay at, 15% of the respective list price. The increased commission will apply only to the 31st booking onward and will not be retrospectively applied to previous bookings.

3. You may opt to give your customers a 15% discount to provide maximum customer value and receive zero commission yourself. If you take this option you will only be able to change it and opt to receive commission at the next six-monthly payout date.

4. We reserve the right to change your promo code and widget at any time. The reason for this is: we don’t really mind where the booking comes from or who uses the code, but the commission is intended as an incentive for you to promote our service to your client base through your own channels. If we discover the promo code is appearing on discount websites, for example, we will change it.

5. Bodyscan’s cancellation policy is 24 hours. Cancellations attempted within this window or no-shows will forfeit their payment, so your commission will still be applied unless in specific, exceptional circumstances the payment or part of the payment is refunded at Bodyscan’s absolute discretion. Bookings that are cancelled outside the 24-hour window will receive a full refund and you will not receive commission on these bookings.

6. Commissions will be paid into a nominated UK bank account every six months, in March and September, for minimum balances of £100. Commission balances that do not reach £100 in the two-year period prior to payment dates will be forfeited.

7. We are offering a maximum of two people from your company a Baseline DEXA body scan for 40% off the list price. This will be delivered either as a single 1-person Baseline or a single 2-Person Baseline at 40% off the list price.

8. That’s about it. We are a small but growing company with an enviable reputation for amazing customer service and a passion for what we do. We won’t tread on your toes, we are not in competition with you, we are offering a service that is a great complement to what you do and your customers will love you for introducing them.

Please check our FAQs first!

Our FAQs give info on Prices, Making a Booking, Having the Scan and Prepaid Packages.