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1. Be held accountable to your goals

2. Remove over-thinking and have an expert provide structure and process

3. Work iteratively towards simple, defined, objective outcomes

Operating model

  • Having performed and consulted on thousands of body composition scans, Rob has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

  • He will develop a repeatable, lean process that will run in parallel with your other lifestyle commitments, ensuring that the training and nutrition model is dynamic and remains sustainable for the rest of your life.

  • Sustainability is critical. If you cannot maintain progress, it will be modified without delay to ensure sustainability.

  • Rob will be available to you via WhatsApp 7 days a week, to ensure rapid and unlimited communication. Changes are made in real-time.

  • He acts as your accountability partner, to provide continuous support and act as a back-stop, ensuring that our agreed goals are never compromised.

  • Each week, high-level KPIs (bodyweight, waist and hip circumference, average steps, training performance) are assessed and trajectory alterations made as necessary.

  • If you are unsure how to maximise your results and want to better understand the systems that underpin the process of body recomposition, hire Rob as your coach.

Comprehensive customised food plans

Tailored workout routines


Constant tracking to ensure consistent improvement and prevent plateaus


If you follow the programme exactly and don’t improve, I will give you a full refund

Olof, 37
​“It has been really helpful to have your support over these months. Thank you so much for helping me get my motivation back sorting my health out and keep it that way. It’s been invaluable!”

Jens, 31
​“There is no such thing as a free lunch. However, if you are ready to put in the time and effort, Rob’s guidance will for sure bring you the results. I think my progression photos put it clearer than I can in words.”

Pat, 19
“Rob helped me with mass gain from 66kg to 72kg, I followed his simple workout and diet plan, it worked very well.”

George, 24
“Working with Rob I was able to reach my goals as well as learn how to maintain the condition I achieved. He is approachable, knows his stuff and kept me motivated throughout the process.”

Liana, 25
​”I have never felt alone during my time spent working with Rob and I am forever grateful for all the time, energy, kindness, professionalism and patience he has shown me. I would not be where I am today without him.”

Michael, 35
“Rob helped me understand the finer points of diet and training. Meals are effortless and taste great. Through his training plan I went through a solid recomp, cutting 4 kilos of fat while building muscle.”

Tom, 30
“In an industry plagued by misinformation and outdated concepts, Rob’s approach is a refreshing and much needed change. I have gained just over 3 kilos of lean mass in 10 weeks.”

Jon, 45
“Your encouragement and transformation plan made the difference. I don’t quite have a rippling six pack but the before and after speak for themselves. The fat loss was about 12lbs [5.4kgs]  in total.”

Brad, 48
“I just want to say if it wasn’t for your help these results would have never been obtainable. Thanks, Rob.”

Will, 25
“Rob’s expertise and guidance has allowed me to get on with the work at hand, and not worry about the little mistakes made along the way. I have learnt so much from him, overcome my own problems with eating habits and now feel like the person I want to be.”

Sample Body Recomp DEXA Result

About your coach Rob Webster

As a coach, my aim with each client is to build individualised plans that forge sustainable lifestyle habits and ensure consistent progress.

When life gets in the way and you are presented with challenges, I work to adapt the protocols to these situations. So, no matter how unpredictable your schedule or life circumstances are, I make things work for you and take the stress out of the process.

A successful working relationship with each client requires clear communication, adaptability and patience. These are skills I pride myself on and are what have enabled my clients to do so well.

Is Body Recomp for you?

  1. If you are someone who has the work ethic, but struggles with knowing what to do, then this service is for you.  
  2. If you would like to develop realistic, sustainable lifestyle habits that deliver predictable, consistent results, then this service is for you. 
  3. If you would like an experienced coach with a proven track record to take charge of your nutrition and training, and manage everything for you, then this service is for you. 
  4. As a coach my role is to guide you, and optimise every step of the process. I cannot force adherence from you, so if you are not self-motivated enough to stick to the plans with a reasonable level of adherence (>75% of the time), then this service is not for you.
  5. If you have any further questions, please click below.

Please check our FAQs first!

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