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Your fat-loss plan needs to be sustainable

It’s obviously good to be enthusiastic, determined and committed to your fat-loss plan. But many people approach the task with an all-or- nothing mentality that is totally at odds with their current lifestyle.

It is not uncommon for a Bodyscan client who barely exercises and makes terrible food choices to commit themselves to a plan which involves exercising for more than an hour every day and a nutrition plan that requires them to spend the same amount of time cooking.

It makes no sense to embark on a plan that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle. If you rarely get up before 8.30am, being in the gym every morning at six is never going to work!

When diets and health-kicks fail, the most popular excuses are that “life got in the way” and “I travel a lot for my job”. Which are other ways of saying you completely ignored your lifestyle and embarked on a programme that was never going to work.

When are you going to prepare a week’s meals and get to the gym for five hours a week?
If you have a busy job and a family, you need a food plan that you can feed to your kids instead of cooking two sets of meals.

If you travel frequently (or never cook) you need to make good food choices from what’s available. You don’t have to have dessert or drink all those fine wines in business class.

A well-designed fat-loss strategy should achieve your goal by becoming part of the way you live your life – avoiding doing things you really don’t enjoy, making it easy to keep below maintenance calories and including exercise that you can commit to easily for the long term.

Your plan should enhance and complement your life, not adversely impact it. Don’t make things hard for yourself. You’re far more likely to succeed if you fit your plan to your lifestyle rather than attempt a handbrake turn.
Archie Williams
Bodyscan Consultant
Body Transformation

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