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Would you take your Porsche to the local garage for a check up?

This may sound like an odd question, but let’s take it as an analogy. You have worked so hard to succeed in your job and finally you earn enough money to be able to buy yourself a Porsche. It is symbolic of all your efforts and you want to ensure that it works perfectly whenever you go out in it. So, every six months you want it checked out to make sure everything is okay? Would you take it to a specialist dealer or drop it into your local garage located round the back of some dilapidated industrial estate? The answer should be obvious. So, let’s exchange the Porsche for your body, one you have recently been working hard on to get into shape. Do you want to know roughly how well you have done, or do you want to know exactly what you have achieved? If you are going to put the effort in to looking after your body, you need to know more accurately what is happening to it.

That’s where a DEXA body scan comes to the fore. Unlike calipers, your GP and a chart to measure your Body Mass Index which will give you a rough idea of your general level of body fat, a DEXA fat scan can show you exactly how much fat there is, and more importantly, where that fat is being stored. Now once you are armed with that information, everything becomes far easier to understand where both losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are concerned. Based on your lifestyle, working environment, eating habits and exercise regimes, you can help your cardiovascular health, but fat can still accumulate on our body. Using the latest technology you can establish your DEXA fat, London being our most popular centre, though the DEXA body fat Manchester branch is increasing in popularity. Now you can specifically target areas of your body where you want to lose weight and exercise accordingly. To find out more about DEXA body scans, call us and we’ll be happy to explain it all to you.

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