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Why you should stop weighing yourself

I meet many Bodyscan clients who tell me they want to lose weight or they need to get down to a certain weight or that their ‘ideal weight’ is such-and-such.

It’s usually at this point that I deliver a little lecture, whose tone varies between politely mild to … shall we say … passionate!

Let’s be clear about this: unless you’re a boxer or a jockey or compete in a sport that requires you to be a particular weight, NOBODY NEEDS TO LOSE WEIGHT!

On the other hand, almost everybody needs to lose fat. As I wrote in a recent advertorial for Guardian newspaper supplement Obese Britain, the UK obesity crisis that costs the NHS alone more than £5 billion a year has got nothing to do with people being too heavy. It’s because people are too fat.

I had one client recently who, despite being a crossfitter for five years or more, kept saying he needed to get his weight down.

“Rubbish,” I said. “If you lost 2kg of fat and put on 3kg of muscle, would that be a good result for you?”

“Of course,” he replied.

“But you’d be a kilo heavier than you are now. You’re weight would go up.”

I could see the cogs inside his brain turning slowly as he began to realise the earth wasn’t flat any more.

Your weight is your relationship with gravity and that’s about it. As for BMI (body mass index), don’t get me started!