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Why it’s Important to Track your Fitness Progress

Deciding to make a change and setting fitness goals are just the beginning if you want to be healthier and feel livelier. However, whether you’re trying to add muscle, lose weight or just keep up with your desired fitness level ,the fitness journey is not an easy one. Without encouragement it’s easy to lose track of our fitness goals and lose motivation.

It is essential to monitor your progress in order for you to successfully achieve your fitness goals. Taking note of your fitness progress will permit you to see the faults in both your diet and exercise programme which will allow you to make changes to refine your diet and workout method. Read on to understand why tracking your fitness progress is an essential piece of your on going success.

Measure progress
Fitness tracking is necessary to measure any improvements you have made. Goals you have achieved will drive you on to further success. 

Sustain motivation
Monitoring your progress will not only allow you to make necessary adjustments to your diet and exercise regime but also leaves a positive impact on your confidence and motivation. Looking through your logs will keep you committed to your plan and seeing your stats and recognising you’re getting closer to the finish line will make you realise how far you have come and eliminate any possible thoughts of giving up.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your exercise regime and diet
Periodically tracking your progress helps you to gauge whether you are on the right path or not. Physical development is a gradual process, thus keeping track of your progress allows you to understand if you’re successfully advancing towards your goals. Additionally, reflecting where you are coming from and where you are heading will allow you to know if you are effectively progressing and improving your overall health.

Form healthy habits
Tracking your health and fitness progress allows you to be more efficient in your time and workouts which eventually leads to healthier choices. Keeping records will help you build a picture of your health and understand how your body reacts to the factors which impact our bodies such as diet, exercise and sleep.

Determine decisions about what to do next
Keeping track of your food intake, muscle growth, cardio improvements and fat reduction will show you when and where changes need to be made. This will allow you to make decisions on how to maximise your progress towards your goals. 

Ways to Track Your Progress
There are so many different ways to track your fitness progress such as keeping fitness journals, taking photos, assessments, online fitness challenges and so on. In addition to this, taking measurements have now become much easier as the advancement in technology introduces us to more high-tech features such as a dual-energy X-ray that measures body composition.

Tracking your health and fitness provides a reliable data to make informed decisions for making good progress and attaining your fitness goals. This also helps you know what regimen, diet and routines you need to change to achieve the best results safer and faster. 

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