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What is a Weight Loss Calculator?

What is a Weight Loss Calculator?
Many people try to lose weight or body fat and struggle to see results. But, weight loss doesn’t have to be a confusing shot in the dark. 
There are incredible and valuable tools available to help you track and evaluate your health and fitness, and that’s where we come in. 
A weight loss calculator can be used to accurately track your progress, as opposed to a traditional scale which has many other factors coming into play.
These calculators are done with a body scan.
Accurate Body Fat Measurement
With an accurate body fat measurement, you’ll be able to quickly and precisely measure your body’s fat, tissue and bones. 
This will help you set goals and start your weight loss journey. 
Here at Bodyscan, we can get you a specific and scientific reading in minutes. This is all thanks to our DEXA body fat measurement system conveniently located in London. 
You can use these scans to see exactly what is working and what is not. 
The Benefits of a Weight Loss Calculator
The benefits of DEXA scans and weight loss calculations are hard to ignore. They can stop you from wasting valuable time on resources that simply do not do the job for you. 
They can also be powerful tools for people looking to increase their muscle mass and increase their endurance. 
Health tracking has never been easier than with our technology. You will get a sneak peek into your muscle and body fat ratio allowing you to make educated decisions on what to do next. 
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This body composition analysis will give you all the information needed to accurately measure body fat and composition and start your health and wellness journey. 

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