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Ways To Restore Your Body Composition After Giving Birth

Giving birth to your new bundle of joy can be quite an emotional roller coaster where you’ll feel humbled, scared, exhausted, blissful, relieved and so much more all at once. Once you finally surpassed a few of these emotions, it is also inevitable for you to take a look at your body and realise that giving your new babe a safe home for the past nine months has taken a toll on your body after all.

This is a very natural occurrence though. Physical changes to your body such as additional weight gain and a postpartum belly happen to be unavoidable following childbirth, no matter if you were in good shape before pregnancy. The good news is, regaining your previous and desired body composition is not impossible at all. This is especially true as long as you know what to expect when it comes to the physical changes you’ll undergo and what you can do about them.

To help you restore your ideal body composition, here are 6 ways to successfully bounce back and get that yearned for body back.

Allow your body to recover.  Whilst you shouldn’t be too relaxed if you want to get back on track, you must not rush into things either. Remember that the most important thing about getting your body back is prioritising your health first. After all, it took nine months of physical changes for you to put that additional weight on so it is not surprising that your body will also take its time to fully recuperate.

Have a regular exercise regimen. Depending on your mode of delivery, as well as the presence or absence of medical or surgical complications, exercise routines may be resumed gradually the birth. Start with simple and light exercises to avoid straining your recuperating body.

Rest up. Even if you’re always ready to attend to your new baby’s needs no matter what time it is, you can’t ignore the fact that a newborn’s necessities could urge unpredictable sleep cycles that can upset your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose that unwanted pregnancy weight. Keep in mind that if your baby is sleeping, so should you. Getting the right amount of sleep lets you have the energy to keep yourself moving through your waking hours and even more to get your exercise routines done.

Create a new meal plan. Whilst it is understandable to think that you can eat anything and get away with it when you were pregnant, this mentality must be changed once the baby is born. Here are a few strategies that can cut your hunger and help improve your metabolic rate:

  • Breakfast is a must
  • Have fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables and lots of low-fat dairy products
  • Fibrous food is good for your diet  
  • To lessen hunger, have descent servings of fish, beans, skinless poultry and lean meat 
  • Span your calories evenly around the clock by spacing your meals
  • Eat nuts to remain sated for a longer time as they aren’t quick to digest

Instead of making ambiguous statements about ‘losing weight’ that you know are  doomed to fail without supporting numbers, Bodyscan‘s very latest, medically developed DEXA technology helps you measure the amount of body fat, lean tissue and bone in your body, as well as aid you in setting specific targets for your body composition. We ensure that factors such as tricks of the light, bad calibration, human error and even what you had for lunch will not be a problem at all. A scan takes less than four minutes and it takes only a couple of minutes to book your scan. ​

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