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Two Reasons Why Your Calorie Deficit Isn’t Working

Many people can’t understand why they aren’t losing body fat even though they’re eating less than they burn. The simple, inescapable, unassailable fact is this: if you are not losing weight you are not in a calorie deficit!

That means you’re either eating more or doing less than you think – or both. Here are two common ways to go wrong.

1. You think you’re more active than you actually are

Time and time again, Bodyscan clients will describe themselves as “pretty active” or select “moderately active” on the Bodyscan calculator. In truth, most of us are overwhelmingly sedentary.

Look at it this way – there are 168 hours in a week, so doing three one-hour workouts or exercise classes amounts to just 1.8% of your week. If for the rest of the time you don’t walk, run or cycle to work, you sit at a desk, watch TV, eat and sleep, you are little more than “sedentary”.​ Further, a one-hour session of resistance training (weights) only burns around 200-300 calories. Running for the same time might burn up to 600. A ham and cheese sandwich from Pret contains 530. Think about it!

Easy to forget. And hard to remember. Weekends count, unfortunately.

2. Forgetting weekends

Many people religiously track their calories during the week but then blow everything at the weekend with high-calorie takeaways, alcohol and meals out.

If your daily calorie intake for your diet should be 1500 (and let’s say that’s a deficit of 500 calories from a maintenance of 2000 calories per day) you should lose about 1lb of fat each week.

But if you eat 3250 calories on each day of the weekend (a blowout of 1750) your average daily calories over the week are 2000 (ie, maintenance). That completely wipes out any deficit and means you won’t lose any weight at all.

If you think the 1750-calorie blowout seems far-fetched, it’s less than one Sainsbury’s 500g pizza, two pints of bitter and 150g of vanilla ice cream!

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