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There is a huge difference between thinking you know and actually knowing

We live in a society that has become incredibly health conscious. While part of this knowledge drives some to go to the gym five times a week and run ten miles a day, others tend to try and ignore what they hear and believe that while being fit is clearly good for you, being unfit isn’t actually that bad. Even those who think they are fit and healthy, who don’t think they are overweight, are seldom sure, and that can lead to missing the fact that ever so gradually you are gaining weight. Many of us may have come across the letters BMI, standing for Body Mass Index, and if they fall within accepted norms, then all is well. However BMI is an estimate and estimates have margins for error. With Bodyscan UK we aim to remove all elements of doubt and instead we want you to know exactly just how much body fat, lean tissue and bone goes to make up your body.

 At Bodyscan we are able to perform what is known as a DEXA body scan to establish your DEXA body composition and level of DEXA body fat. DEXA is the acronym for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. The beauty of a DEXA fat scan is that it is one of the most accurate ways of establishing exactly how much of your body comprises body fat. It also establishes exactly where that body fat is, so that you can then target specific areas when you decide to lose weight. In knowing which parts of your body have stored the most fat, you will have a far better chance of not just reducing your weight, but reducing your BMI and true levels of body fat. To find out more about DEXA and the way we calculate your body composition, please contact us and we will be delighted to have an informal discussion to explain everything to you.

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