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The benefits of DEXA scan technology

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So, you’ve been working hard at the gym and feel and look as if you should have gained muscle. But how can you really tell? The most realistic and best way to measure body fat is scientifically, using technology that scans your body to reveal an accurate body fat measurement. 

How DEXA body fat measuring technology works 

DEXA measures the bone mineral content and the fat-free mass to work out your individual body fat measurement. If your aim is weight loss, or weight gain, the best way to keep it in check is to undergo a DEXA body scan to ensure your hard work at the gym is paying off in the correct way. 

DEXA body compositions are the most trusted and accurate measure of fat and muscle to date, and you can get yours done in London or Manchester with us at Bodyscan.

Achieve your long-term goals

Without accurate measurements and an understanding of where your weight loss or gain is being directed, you don’t know if your hard work is the right kind of hard work you need to be doing to achieve your long-term goals. However, with DEXA you will know exactly what to do, how much food you should be eating and what kind of training you need to be doing to get there. Not only does DEXA measure fat, muscle and bone composition, but visceral fat too. 

Getting to the gym and ensuring you’re exercising regularly and eating well is one thing, but making sure your body composition is in check and in line with your goals is another. Luckily, DEXA’s body composition analysis will complete the hard work for you and provide you with all the information needed to accurately measure body fat and composition.

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