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Proof you’re skipping leg day

As well as showing fat and lean mass variations between the left and right sides of your body, Bodyscan can show you top-to-bottom variations too.

Using Bodyscan’s percentile tables, you can plot the lean mass in your arms, legs and trunk to spot discrepancies or weaknesses in your muscle distribution.

The most common variation we see is among gym-going men who commit that most heinous of crimes – skipping leg day. Take a look at this guy’s regional results and how they reveal workouts focused on arms and upper body.

The lean mass in his arms (the first two numbers) averages at around 5kg, in his trunk (the third number) at about 33kg, and about 10.8kg in each leg (the fourth and fifth numbers).

When we plot those quantities on our percentile tables (above), we see they equate to approximately these percentiles:

Arms (5kg) 95th percentile; Trunk (33kg) 77th percentile; Legs (10.8kg) 55th percentile.

That is, the lean mass and muscle in his legs is way behind that of his arms and trunk and, in absolute terms, just above average (the 55th percentile).

With a more even distribution we would expect similar percentiles across all regions of the body. To bring his legs into line with his arms, therefore, he needs to increase muscle mass in each leg from 10.8kg to about 13kg – a shortfall of more than 2kg in each leg.

So don’t skip leg day!