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Elevate your offering and earn extra income

If you’re a high-calibre health and fitness professional, you can put further space between you and your competition by utilising Bodyscan’s medical-grade DEXA scans.

You can buy a Pro-Pack with a one-off bank transfer by clicking on the package of your choice or complete the form below to get more information. The transfer is a one-time direct debit and no further payments can be taken without your express authorisation.

The Benefits

Bodyscan’s DEXA body composition measurement provides many benefits for your health and fitness business, whether you’re a personal trainer, gym, nutritionist, team coach or retailer.

  1. If you’re really the best at what you do, demonstrate it to your clients by using the medical-grade, gold standard method.
  2. Prove you’re making a difference with medical-grade accuracy and precision, instead of relying on unreliable and error-prone methods such as BMI, skinfold calipers and consumer-grade bio-impedance monitors.
  3. Reflect in our extremely high satisfaction levels – Bodyscan customer reviews are 96% five-star and your clients will love you for introducing them to DEXA.
  4. Optimise your training and nutrition programmes based on an accurate assessment of each client’s need to lose fat or gain muscle.
  5. Keep your clients motivated and coming back for more. Subsequent DEXA scans clearly show improvements in fat mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, and fat and muscle distribution.
  6. Earn extra revenue by purchasing scans at a volume discount, integrate them into your own premium packages and make a margin, even when offered at  a discount to Bodyscan’s list prices.

How do Pro-Packs work?

Buy scans at a significant discount with a Bodyscan Pro-Pack of ten scans. You can then earn incremental revenue when you include scans in your own premium fitness package or simply offer them as standalone scans at a discount.

For each Pro-Pack you will receive ten unique codes that you can give to your clients to redeem on our website like a gift voucher. Your clients do not see the list price when booking and can make their appointments at a time that suits them. (Your clients should make their own bookings; do not make bookings on their behalf.)

You can distribute the codes in each Pro-Pack to as many clients as you choose. The Pro-Pack 5 is intended for five individuals (a Baseline scan and a Progress scan each), though you may share the ten separate codes among any number of clients.

Apply for or ask about a Bodyscan Pro-Pack

Important: Validity, refunds and 24-hour cancellation policy

Each Pro-Pack is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Unused scans will be forfeited upon package expiry.

Every client booking with a Pro-Pack code is subject to Bodyscan’s standard 24-hour cancellation policy. Appointments must be made, changed and cancelled online. Within 24 hours of the appointment start time, bookings are ‘locked out’ and changes and cancellations cannot be made. No-shows will forfeit the credit, no refund will be given and a new ProPack code must be used to make a new appointment.

Pro-Packs can be cancelled before the expiry date and refunds will be based on the full list price of scans taken, plus the list price of any complimentary scans, plus a £10 administration charge. As an example, if you purchase Pro-Pack 10B (ten Baseline scans) and take a complimentary Baseline scan for yourself and then cancel the Pro-Pack after three scans in the package have been used, your refund will be £413. This is calculated as £1059 minus (4 x £159) minus £10).

Please check our FAQs first!

Our FAQs give info on Prices, Making a Booking, Having the Scan and Prepaid Packages.