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Our biggest fat-loss so far – 8.5kg in 13 weeks

Returning to Bodyscan after 13 weeks, Lee, 46, has lost an incredible 8.5kg of body fat with NO loss in lean mass – in fact he’s GAINED over a kilo of muscle!

Download the main pages of Lee’s Bodyscan report here.

He did it all by himself, following Mike Matthews’s Bigger, Leaner, Stronger programme, which has him lifting five days a week, hitting each major muscle group for about an hour each day plus some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the two rest days. His diet was 45% protein, 45% carbs and 10% fat, a customised meal plan provided by Matthews’s Muscle for Life website.

Lee’s Bodyscan DEXA report reveals he has lost fat pretty evenly. Before, his body fat percentage was higher than that of three-quarters of men his age. Now, he’s turned the tables and moved from the bottom quarter to the top quarter!

The highlights of Lee’s journey so far are:

  • Fat loss of 8.5kg (that’s 28% of his original fat)
  • Body fat down from 32.8% to 25.5%
  • Visceral fat down in line with overall fat loss
  • Lean muscle gain of just over 1kg
  • His body fat percentage has moved from the 76th percentile to the 28th
  • Lean mass more evenly distributed than before

If you want to see what your own body fat percentage would be if you lost 8.5kg or how much fat you have to lose to meet a specific fat percentage target, take a look at our body composition and calorie requirement calculators.