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New Year, New You – why you need a body composition test

The New Year is a time for making those big changes that will make us feel happier and healthier. One huge resolution is that of eating healthier and losing weight. Many of us struggle with weight loss and stumble at the first hurdle. This is when a body composition test can help you on your weight loss journey. Below we explore how having an accurate body fat measurement test can help you lose weight this New Year.

You’ll have a starting point

When you choose to have a body composition test, which is the best way to measure body fat, then you’ll have an accurate starting point. This is essential for any weight loss plan, as this will let you know exactly how much excess weight you need to lose.

Plan your diet

When you know your body fat composition and how much fat you need to lose, then you can successfully plan a weight loss diet alongside an exercise regime. More importantly, you will know exactly how much food to eat every day.

A realistic weight loss plan

The body composition test gives you a fat and muscle measurement, which means that you plan realistic weight loss goals. When you are given a set amount of time to lose excess body weight, then you can set yourself a weekly goal.

Monitor your progress

The success of any weight loss program is reliant upon regular checks and monitoring of progress that has been made. The body composition test is done together with a monitoring program so that your weight loss stays on track.

Here at BodyScan, we offer personalised and accurate body fat measurement that will help you to lose weight this New Year. To learn more about dexa body composition and body scans, then please do visit the website and get in touch with us today.

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