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All Bodyscan clients will need to give their consent immediately before each scan takes place by initialling and signing their agreement to each of the statements below. This form will be provided at your appointment.

  1. I am at least 18 years old.
  2. Women between 18-55 years old only: I can confirm I am not pregnant and my next period is not overdue.
  3. I understand I will be exposed to a very small dose of ionising radiation (X-rays) equivalent to about one day’s normal background radiation.
  4. The full-body scan will provide comprehensive data about my body composition, which I can use to help me achieve or maintain healthy levels of body fat and lean muscle mass and, if applicable, to improve bone density.
  5. The full-body scan does not give an accurate measure of bone density or detect osteoporosis. An overall figure for bone density is provided in the Bodyscan report but it is only an indication and is not definitive or medically diagnosable.
  6. I have not had an MRI or CT scan involving contrast by mouth or intravenous (radio-opaque dye) in the past two days, or a barium meal in the last three days.
  7. I have not had a DEXA scan in the past eight weeks (56 days) and understand that I cannot have body composition scans with Bodyscan more frequently than once every eight weeks.
  8. For the most accurate and reproducible result I should not eat or perform exercise for at least four hours before my scan and I should be normally hydrated. (Failure to observe these conditions may lead to inconsistent results.)
  9. The report provided at the end of the appointment serves as the clinical evaluation of the scan and my appointment does not include a discussion with a medical professional.
  10. I agree to follow the advice given either by the Bodyscan consultant or in the explanatory notes that will accompany my Bodyscan report and this may include consulting with my general practitioner or other appropriately qualified medical professional.
  11. If specifically advised by Bodyscan, I agree to share my DEXA report with my general practitioner.

Please check our FAQs first!

Our FAQs give info on Prices, Making a Booking, Having the Scan and Prepaid Packages.