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How to reduce body fat using DEXA

Many people try to reduce their body fat to lose weight and look better. But weighing yourself on a traditional weighing scale and working out a weight loss plan from there is an unproductive way to work towards the results you’re looking for. Traditional scales don’t take into account the different weights involved in muscle, fat and bone throughout our bodies. The best way to understand where you are currently in terms of the fat on your body is to have a DEXA body composition scan. Below we’ve explained in more detail what a DEXA scan is, how it can help you understand body fat better and we have included some top tips to help you work towards reducing body fat. 

What is DEXA body fat measurement? 

A DEXA body scan can accurately tell you your body composition – that is, how much body fat and lean mass you have. DEXA body scans give you tangible data about the difference between the fat and lean mass (including muscle) in your body. Getting an accurate body fat measurement will help you to clarify whether your excess weight is due to fat (unhealthy) or muscle (healthy. Carrying excess body fat, especially in the upper body, can increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Due to its accurate body fat measurements, DEXA body scans are considered one of the best ways to measure body fat. Getting an accurate result about the level of body fat you have is the first and crucial step to reducing your body fat in a healthy, maintainable way.

BMI vs LMI and FMI

Your BMI (body mass index) uses your height and weight measurements in relation to each other to measure your body fat. However, just like the scales, it doesn’t discriminate between fat and muscle. Your LMI (lean mass index) and FMI (fat mass index) are much better indicators of fat and muscle and only available via a DEXA scan.

What is healthy?

Another useful piece of information that a DEXA body scan report can produce is to rank your body fat percentage, against the rest of their Bodyscan clients. This database is made up of nearly 4,000 clients from across the UK. What you’re aiming for is a high percentile ranking on your lean indices and a low ranking on your fat indices. 

How to reduce your body fat

The most effective way to shed and maintain a reduction in body fat is to follow a lifestyle which incorporates healthy eating and regular exercise. A healthy diet is key to maintaining your fat loss, so try to incorporate lots of natural foods including lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruit. A combined approach to your exercise regime will include a mixture of cardio based exercises such as running, walking, cycling and swimming, and resistance exercises including weights. 

It also helps to get plenty of sleep. Try aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep each night, giving your body the rest time it needs to recover and for muscles to grow.

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