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How Does a DEXA Scan Work for Body Composition (and what is it)?

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Here at ​Bodyscan, we utilise the most advanced DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) technology to precisely measure your total amount of body fat, lean tissue and bone and to break it down for each major region of your body – arms, legs and trunk.

What is a ‘Body Composition Test’? 

While a scale may be tempting, it is not the clearest way to measure your fitness levels. By measuring your body composition, we can reveal a much better picture. 

‘Body composition’ refers to the proportion of fat you have, relative to lean tissue. This measurement is a clearer indicator of your fitness. 

We test this by using a DEXA scan to report your measurements. This will give you the most accurate body fat measurement and be used to support you while you pursue your fitness journey. 

What is a DEXA Body Scan?

As we mentioned above, the body scan is used to measure the components of your body. The DEXA scan uses a minuscule dose of X-rays to take this reading. It is completely non-invasive, you will not go inside a machine or have anything attached to you during the scan. Most of our customers say that the scan is a relaxing experience.  

The scan itself takes less than four minutes and you can return every eight weeks to monitor the changes in your body composition.

Why have a body scan?

If you are looking for an accurate body composition measurement at the start of your weight loss journey, or just looking toward a healthier lifestyle, then the DEXA scan at Bodyscan is the best first step you can take. Watch our 3-minute introduction video on this page to quickly get a better idea

The scan is really only the start of it; it’s the catalyst for success in your journey ahead. You’ll quickly discover that we are a professional, highly experienced team who all have a real passion for what we do, and we will be excited to join you on your fitness journey and help you achieve great results. Since 2015, we have performed over 17,000 scans and have many happy customers and successful case studies to give you confidence you’re making the right choice.

Check out our pricing and book your Baseline DEXA scan here.

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