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How a body scan can help you get fitter

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Are you looking to reduce excess body fat, improve your fitness and get lean? DEXA body fat scanning can help you analyse your fat and muscle distribution so you can plan more effective workouts. 

What is a DEXA Body Scan?

DEXA stands for ‘Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry’. This scan uses low-radiation x-rays to measure how much of your body weight consists of fat, muscle, and bone.

Unlike other body scans, a DEXA scan specifies the fat percentage in different areas of your body — for example, your arms, thighs and waist. 

Why get a DEXA scan?

Knowing your body’s composition can help you tailor your fitness plans to get the most effective results.

Because a body scan reveals exactly what body fat percentage you have in different areas, you can target those parts in your workouts. Perhaps you have higher fat distribution in your waist area — in that case, you can focus on core exercises to tone up. Or, if you see that much of your fat is distributed in your thighs, you can include lunges and squats. 

By being aware of your body’s fat and muscle distribution, you can also monitor your progress more accurately.

Where to Get a DEXA Scan in London

Some clinics offer DEXA scans to assess your bone density. Whilst this can help check your bone health, if you’re looking to use a body scan for weight loss or to improve your fitness, you may be better visiting us here at Bodyscan. We have two locations — one in the City of London and one in Marylebone. 

Get support from Bodyscan

At Bodyscan, we provide comprehensive 60-minute consultations to help you really understand your DEXA body scan fat results. As well as carrying out the scan, our expert team can explain what it means for your body and help you come up with nutritional plans and a strategy to get you on top form. 

Why not book an appointment today?

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