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How DEXA body composition can help you plan your fitness regime

Traditionally, people in the UK seek to lose weight more often during two specific times of the year. One of these is the New Year when many of us decide to make a resolution to get healthier or simply want to shift the post-festive bulge. The other is during the run-up to summer when many of us want to get beach-ready for our holidays.

Of course, there’s no excuse not to eat healthily and exercise more all year round, and some researchers have hypothesised that the additional pressure of having a goal weight and date can cause us to fail in our endeavours to reach a healthy, attainable weight. It could, therefore, be beneficial for some to simply begin to enjoy a weight-loss regime without a goal in mind – so why not start today?

Why weight isn’t a good measurement of fitness

Whether you’re a New Year’s dieter, a summer beach-body desirer or simply want to improve your current fitness levels, it’s important to understand the best metrics to measure your journey towards a leaner, healthier lifestyle – and why checking your weight alone isn’t the best of ideas.

Many people make a direct correlation between weight loss and fitness when the inverse is often true. Muscle weighs more than body fat, and the addition of lean muscle can cause a person to weigh more. With this in mind, it makes more sense to gain an accurate body fat measurement with a DEXA body composition instead.

DEXA body fat measurement London: what you’ll learn

DEXA body composition (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) is a method of measuring body fat, muscle mass and bone density. It’s an accurate way of estimating body composition and can be used for everything from monitoring changes in fitness levels to diagnosing nutritional performance.

If you’re in the process of improving your overall health and fitness, you may find a DEXA fat and muscle measurement to be useful. Why not book a body scan appointment today to access the best way to measure body fat? It’s a fantastic way to gain an understanding of how to tailor your diet and workout regime to gain the best results.

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