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‘Healthy’ foods do not make you thin

A constant refrain from Bodyscan customers, when asked about their nutrition, is that they “eat healthy” or “eat clean” or “make everything from scratch”.

Fresh, unprocessed foods taste good and are better for us but if you eat too much of anything, the excess calories will make you fat.

‘Healthy fats’ like extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil, for example, may well have health benefits but they are very calorie-dense. One tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories. Add three spoonfuls to your salad and that’s an easily-overlooked 360 calories.

Nuts and seeds are described as healthy additions to a diet but they are extremely high in calories. Just 100g of almonds or sunflower seeds contains 600 calories, while walnuts and pine nuts have 700 – equivalent to three jacket potatoes, a large portion of paella or 250g of tiramisu.

(We wrote all the above a long time before we discovered The Fitness Chef’s Instagram page. Graeme makes these same points powerfully with great visuals and videos, like here and here.

If you consider a lot of women on a diet aim for 1200-1400 calories a day, these so-called healthy foods will quickly eat into your target and leave you hungry.

Freshly made juices and fruit smoothies should also be treated with caution. Basically liquid sugar, these high-calorie ‘healthy’ drinks can create a big sugar spike followed by a dip, leading to hunger pangs that may force you to break your diet.

Archie Williams
Bodyscan Consultant
Body Transformation

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