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Foods to avoid to lose weight

It’s safe to say the foods you eat have a big say when it comes to losing weight. Some foods can have a positive effect, such as eggs, nuts, and yoghurt, whilst others have a somewhat detrimental effect, such as processed and refined carbohydrates. In fact, a diet high in the latter is said to be linked with high blood pressure, obesity, and hyperactivity.

Here we have the most important foods to avoid when losing weight.

Fast food

Not only is the food often served at fast food joints high in calories, sugar, and fat, but they also lack the important nutrients we need to sustain a healthy wellbeing, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

By eliminating fast food, also coined as “junk food” will significantly reduce how many calories consumed on a daily basis. You don’t need to cut it out forever, but you will be successful in your weight loss journey if you limit this from your diet.

Sugary drinks

There are a multitude of reasons why you should avoid sugary drinks – diet or not. Including pitfalls such as not making you feel full and being linked to weight gain, the other harmful effects sugary drinks can have are;

Destroys your teeth
Increase risk of type 2 diabetes
Increase risk of premature death

Processed meats

Numerous studies have shown processed meats, such as bacon and sausages, linked to a variety of health problems. This may be down to the harmful chemical compounds found in such meats that heighten your chance of developing a chronic disease.

Eating high amounts of processed meats regularly is associated with having an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, it’s best to avoid these when wanting to lose weight!

The bottom line is that processed foods, such as the ones mentioned above, often contain added sugar and fat that will be detrimental to your wellbeing and weight loss journey. Make smart decisions by picking the “right foods”. Not sure what those are? Luckily, here at Bodyscan, we offer high-quality nutrition and fat loss plans for our clients. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more.

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