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Feel great from the inside out this summer: understanding the risk of visceral fat

With summer just around the corner a lot of us are thinking about how to we’re going to feel confident on the beach or by the pool. However, even with bikini season coming up we need to remember it is important to value the health of our body on the inside, as well as out. One of the most important factors to consider is our fat and muscle measurement and internal fat stores, known as visceral fat.

What is visceral fat?

Visceral fat surrounds our organs, such as the liver, intestines and pancreas. Whilst a little  visceral fat is normal, a lot can cause serious health problems including diabetes and increased risk of a heart attack. If you’re carrying an excessive amount of fat around the waist then you may want to consider reducing your visceral fat stores, in order to improve your overall health. 

How can I manage visceral fat?

The best way to reduce visceral fat is, surprisingly, to eat more. An NHS study shows an   intrinsic link between your gut and visceral fat suggesting the healthier your gut the less likely you are to be at risk of excessive visceral fat (full study analysis can be found here 

But how do you keep your gut healthy? 

The best way to maintain a healthy gut is to eat a wide variety of foods. It is recommended that eating approximately 30 different types of food per week will optimise  the health of your gut. Don’t forget, the variety of foods should be incorporated into a balanced diet, including carbs, protein, fat and fibre on a daily basis.  

What to do next?

If you are worried about your visceral fat levels you can find out your accurate body fat measurement by booking a DEXA body fat scan. Here at Bodyscan UK we can provide accurate body fat measurements to help you understand your body composition and track your progress. With our help, you can step out on the beach this summer knowing your body is the best it can be, both inside and out. 

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