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Can I book a scan for someone else/a friend?

No! The person booking the scan must be the person who will have the scan. Please never book a scan for another person on your own account.

The only exception to this is when you book a 2-Person Baseline scan, for which you will make the booking and include the details of your scan partner as the second participant.

The reason why the person making the booking must be the same person who actually has the scan is because, legally, the person having the scan must be aware of the restrictions in place, as well as agree to our terms and conditions.

If someone you know wants to have a body scan, they must book the scan themselves and set up their own account when they do so with all their own details (name, address, date of birth, reason for having the scan, etc).

If you wish to give a scan as a gift, then please buy a specific gift voucher for them. This is easier for everyone as it means they can pick the most convenient date, time and location, and the price of the scan will be hidden when they make their booking.