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Ever heard of the expression “skinny fat”?

​There is an interesting article which was recently published in the Wall Street Journal extolling the virtues of a whole body scan, or DEXA scan. While it makes perfect sense for us here at Bodyscan UK to promote the benefits of the DEXA fat body scan, it is encouraging to see the press at large reporting the benefits and advantages of such a means of establishing accurate levels of body fat.

Very early on in the article they made a comment which perhaps best sums up why the DEXA fat body scan is so much better than simply calculating your BMI (body mass index) based on your weight and height. In an extract from the article it states that “Body-mass index, calculated using height and weight, is widely used as a measure of being overweight, but it “doesn’t tell the whole story,” says Steven R. Goldstein, co-director of the Bone Densitometry and Body Composition unit at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. In an abstract of a 50-person study presented in October at the annual meeting of the North American Menopause Society, researchers found that 18.5% of the women with normal BMI actually had significant excess fat as measured on DXA, making them “skinny fat” people, says Dr. Goldstein, who co-wrote the paper. Also, some women flagged by BMI as overweight actually had normal levels of fat, he says.”

Now this is quite a surprise and also very encouraging, as we have always believed DEXA fat scans to be the most accurate way of measuring how fat individuals actually are. However the article went on to say that according to Param Dedhia, a physician at Canyon Ranch, a spa in Tucson, Ariz, “For people trying to lose fat and gain muscle through diet, exercise and resistance training, the X-ray scan “takes the guesswork” out figuring how well you’re doing”.

Now this is extremely encouraging as we know that there are so many ‘fads’ and ‘the next thing’ where diets and weight control are concerned. However the progress of science when combined with modern technology has seen the DEXA fat scan take giant leaps towards providing extremely accurate measurements of overall body fat. This is important not just for athletes, but for anyone who is keen on optimizing their health and who takes more than just a passing interest in their body.

What we have found   here at Bodyscan UK is that where weight loss is concerned, being able to see where the weight to be lost is on your body, and to have a physical record of it as it disappears is an incredible motivator. We all seem to have become immune to what the scales say to us when we weigh ourselves, but the results of a DEXA fat scan are remarkably accurate and also come in the form of extremely powerful imagery. Being able to see the reduction in the layer of ‘yellow’ fat on the DEXA image is remarkably rewarding and seems to be much more of a motivator than pounds  and ounces!

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