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Don’t be put off by the use of the word x-ray for a DEXA body scan

DEXA scans do not hide the fact they use x-ray technology. As a consequence you have no need to feel unsettled or afraid concerning having a DEXA fat scan performed. Here at Bodyscan UK we have performed countless scans without any problem whatsoever and we are very much aware that while minute doses of radiation are used, it is purely ionizing radiation and at levels lower than you would encounter in everyday life. As an example, you will encounter more background radiation in a day than you will be exposed to with a 15 minute DEXA fat scan, so that should give you a pretty clear idea of just how safe it is. In fact DEXA body scans are becoming an increasingly popular form of body scan, having been originally developed to calculate bone density. However the technique proved so accurate that wider use for the technology was established, especially in the area of overall body composition.

So why is DEXA so important to establishing body composition? Well for a good number of years many of us have put our weight down to having heavy bones, a large frame, lots of muscle, etc. Now if we are going to be perfectly honest with ourselves, the truth is we just don’t want to admit that we are overweight. However if the truth is that you are very muscular, have a large frame and ‘heavy bones’, a DEXA body fat scan can reveal whether or not this is the truth; that is just how accurate theThe beauty of a DEXA body fat scan is its ability to accurately show the composition of our body between bone, lean tissue and fatty tissue.​ is. So if you want to put your mind at rest, or be given a clear incentive to lose weight, why not contact us and arrange to come in and have a DEXA fat scan – it is the sort of decision that could change your life for the better, and extend it too!

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