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DEXA fat scans – the answer to the bodybuilder’s prayer

DEXA fat scans – the answer to the bodybuilder’s prayer

The DEXA body composition scanner is proving to have much wider use than was its original intention. While it is revolutionizing how we actually see out bodies in terms of fat levels, this can now be taken a step further to the field of both amateur and professional bodybuilding. Nowhere in the ‘sporting’ or field of competition is body fat such an issue, or rather the lack of it. To be able to rid yourself of all body fat and have the most perfectly toned muscular body is the Holy Grail of all bodybuilders, and now thanks to DEXA technology, bodybuilders no longer have to rely purely on their own eyesight and that of fellow competitors. Now thanks to advancements in technology it is possible to establish very accurately the composition of a bodybuilder’s body in terms of bone, lean tissue (muscle) and fatty tissue. A few days prior to competition what better way to check how your body is looking than to have a DEXA fat scan, giving you just enough time to work on any areas that aren’t quite as you had hoped they were?

Of course it isn’t just bodybuilders who have to watch the levels of body fat. In a number of sports weight levels can be critical, and if you can work on a specific part of your body to help reduce body fat in that area, it is more efficient and more enjoyable than having to adopt a blanket weight loss approach by spending half a morning in the sauna, or simply not eating for two days. Here we are talking about boxers, jockeys and even coxes, sportspersons all who need to keep an extremely close eye on their weight. So if you fall into any of these categories, why not call us at Bodyscan UK and arrange to come in and have your own DEXA fat scan carried out – we have clinics in  London, Manchester, Sidcup, Bury St Edmund’s. 

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